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Age Specific Modules

Coaches, just a reminder to make sure if you have not started to please start your age specific module now so that we can get these completed as soon as we can. The entire process will take around 5 hours. The modules are open for 30 days after you register. Please let me know if you have any questions on this.

Also, I found out that if you are a level 3 you can only renew this twice and then you must complete the level 4 training.

Thanks, Josh

USA Hockey Coaching Certification Guidelines

COACHES- USA Hockey has the new guidelines for certifications online, please check out the link for information. Classes are now being posted online in Minnesota and Wisconsin please register as soon as possible so we can get everyone done as quick as possible. If you have any questions please contact Josh Anderson.

Hockey Links

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HEP Fair Play Point Cut-Offs

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Hockey Canada's Minor(Youth) Hockey Page

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