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Sponsorship Brochure

05/10/2008, 12:33pm CDT
By Rich Hultman

Winona Hockey Sponsors:

There are several ways to sponsors Winona Youth Hockey. Our most visible means are through Dasher Board Sponsorship and Sign Sponsorship. As a Winona Hockey sponsor companies commit to an Sponsorship contract to present themselves to the public. Supporting these sponsors are a great way to ensure financial benefits to Winona Hockey. As you may know it takes a combination of revenue dollars to support our organization such as user fees, tenant fees, charitable gambling fees and charitable sponsor fees. If you or your company is interested in becoming a Winona Hockey sponsor please contact us (Brian Buerck, Marketing Representative,

Learn More About Winona Hockey Sponsors:
 - Download the Sponsorship Brochure: Identifies Sponsorship Opportunities
 - View list of Winona Hockey Sponsors and links to their websites

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